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Shared hosting services

The availability of several server farm facility locations to select from is a privilege offered by merely several hosting traders on the entire shared site hosting market these days. Free Hostia is an average sized hosting merchant, but it supplies a choice of four server farms located on 3 separate continents: in America, in Great Britain, in Sweden and in Australia. An extra privilege of Free Hostia is that prior to actually buying anything, they offer you the ability to test their top-of-the-line web hosting Control Panel. As opposed to various cPanel driven web space hosting merchandisers on the marketplace, there is an entirely operational demo version of the multi-select, multi-action, drag & drop File Manager. Also inspect the Domain and interfaces, along with the Applications and Website Installer tools.

Plan Features Chocolate Watercircle Lovebeat Wildhoney
Monthly Price
Web Space 0.25 GB 2 GB 2 TB Unlimited
Network Traffic 6 GB 50 GB 1 TB Unlimited
Hosted Hostnames 5 10 20 Unlimited
Domain Parking Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
eMmails 3 100 300 Unlimited
FTPs 1 2 6 18
1-click Web App Installer
Web Page Installer
Free TLD Activation
Free Website Templates
Indemnity Warranty
Web Service Availability